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Who are we?

Decryptis specializes in market studies and business development.

Decryptis is a private and independant structure that concentrates a deep experience. Each project is determined together with our customer to suit the individual needs.

Working with our customers since 1996

More than 1600 executed projects

In order to achieve your objectives, we organize in 3 centers

  • The right methodology: we are able to find the accurate solution to get all the information
  • To provide information with accuracy: either with a quantitative or representative approach or with a qualitative approach to understand a behaviour, sometimes with prescription effect…
  • To suit the needs of our customers: we adapt our organisation (experienced people, time, budget…)
  • We work together with our customer: before the study to make sure we understand all the needs and afterwards, to help making best use of the study results

We’ve got a real expertise in choosing the best way to carry out a market study and explore with cleverness the best path to your customers’ targets. We are committed to our recommendations. We are experienced in interviewing people BtoB and BtoC, in France and abroad (using the native language).

  • Marketing strategy: to find the most competitive position, to reach a market share (by analysing the whole market, the competition, strengths and opportunities), to adapt your offer and your communication (brand strategy),…
  • Operational Marketing: in order to enhance your development: targeting priorities, marketing-mix optimisation, communication priorities (message, means of communication…)
  • Based on our varied experience, we can also work with a sales team to enhance its efficiency: training, best-practice sharing, customer listening… up to writing a sales method…
  • Decryptis has conceived an « innovation oriented market » process based on 3 fields (internal, external and dedicated benchmark) to help R&D to focus on high potentiel orientations.

Open / Develop a market, identify potential customers, establish or boost a commercial relation:

  • By updating your customers / prospects data / files
  • By creating targeted files (according to precise criteria)
  • By getting in touch with these customers in order to submit an offer, detect an interest or a potential, make an appointment, motivate them to attend a meeting or a fair …

The Phone Marketing Pole commits to be:

  • Stringent: in the data collection and treatment
  • Responsive: in the operational launch and during its execution
  • Respectful: of its commitments and of your contacts
  • Specific: thanks to the good understanding of your universe and a specific training

Executing, monitoring and analysing approximately 1 500 marketing projects for 24 years enables us to offer you a methodology, based on experienced techniques which suit your business. Our base line: Going above and beyond the demand !